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Species for Sale

We offer the following captive bred falcons and hawks:

  • Gyrfalcons—White, Silver, Grey, Dark and possibly Black
  • Peregrine Falcons—Peale’s and Anatum subspecies
  • Gyr x Peregrine Hybrid Falcons—Gyr x Peale’s and Gyr x Anatum
  • Peruvian Aplomado Falcons
  • Harris’ Hawks

Goshawks—Both American and Finnish Goshawks. Note that we do not breed these on site but acquire them from other breeders for export only.

To see one of these birds for sale, click on the thumbnail picture. If you want more information, click on the larger picture and you will be able to send us a request for information.

You can choose the way your bird is raised:

  • Imprinted—We hand raise newly hatched eyasses in our office among people all day long. These are excellent choices for breeding (AI), falconry or raptor education. The labor involved is more than with a parent-raised bird and will cost more accordingly.
  • Parent Raised—This is the most common way to raise eyasses. They are raised with parent birds until they are fully grown.
  • Tame-Hacked—Large falcons are taken from their parents at four to five weeks old, tamed and introduced to the lure then taken to a secure site and ‘hacked’ or allowed to fly free and return over several hours with other falcons of the same age. This continues daily for three to five weeks. At the end of each outing the falcons are called in to a lure, hooded and spend the night on a block perch in a secure facility save from predators. This method of tame-hack produces a tame, strong, socialized falcon that knows how to fly and is nearly ready to begin hunting.
  • Wild Hacked—This is a traditional hack where 35-40 day old young falcons are placed in a large hack box overlooking wide open terrain with other falcons and allowed to fly free for two to four weeks without human interference. At the end of the hack they are trapped, hooded and prepared for shipment. This method produces a strong, well socialized falcon with behaviors similar to a wild-caught passage falcon.
  • Round Barn—This is a popular and effective method to raise and exercise several falcons without the risk of loss when using tame-hack or wild-hack methods. It consists of releasing several falcons in a very large room (often over 30 meters in diameter x 4 meters tall) where they can fly to and from perches and completely around the enclosure for several weeks. The result is a strong, well socialized falcon. Live prey can easily be introduced to the enclosure allowing the young falcons to learn how to hunt and kill their food.