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Export Info


We are CITES registered (A-US-504) and a European Approved Breeding Establishment 11-WA-001-BBE. Our U.S. Fish and Wildlife Raptor Propagation Permit is MB781420-0. These permits allow us to export to other CITES countries. To date we have successfully exported to UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru, Mexico and Canada. Again, if you are a CITES country we should be able to ship to you once the requirements are known.

  • We provide isolation (quarantine) for 21 to 30 days if required by your country.
  • We expect you to research and understand the import regulations of your country and provide those to us when you order.
  • We have qualified USDA veterinarians for health inspections and special forms for export.
  • We are familiar with laboratory requirements for blood and/or PCR swab tests required for Avian Flu, Newcastle Disease and other diseases and bacteria as required by the importing country.
  • All birds are shipped from Seattle International Airport in Seattle, Washington.
  • All birds are shipped in IATA approved and modified kennels.
  • We guarantee good health upon arrival. Any health problems, injuries or death incurred during shipment on the airline must be documented by the airline and a necropsy by an accredited veterinarian and report sent to us in English. If the cause of death is determined to be caused by a problem before shipment, we will provide a full refund or replacement bird. Problems caused by the airline or customs on your end are not our responsibility.
  • Your bird(s) will be maintained free of charge for three weeks after the U.S. export CITES is received. After three weeks there will be a $10 per day per bird charge for food and care. We encourage you to research the import requirements of your country before or when you place your order to expedite the CITES process. We discourage holding of your birds here for several months. This introduces increased risk of feather damage, injury, disease and death which is your responsibility three weeks after we obtain the U.S. export CITES.