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Breeding Facility


Our breeding facility is located in northwestern USA near Olympia, Washington. The climate is cool and wet in winter and mild in summer without extremes. We find this climate suitable for breeding most species.  All of our birds are preventatively treated twice per year for endo and ecto parasites including coccidiosis.


All birds are housed in spacious chambers allowing natural light and fresh air. Fresh water is available to each bird. Chambers are cleaned and disinfected at least twice each year. We also monitor most of our chambers with cameras, especially during courtship, egg laying and rearing of young.


Diet consists of live and frozen Coturnix quail, and a mix of homing pigeons, pheasant, ducks and rabbits.  We strive to feed only non GMO and certified organic feeds to our quail.


We are a Biosecure site which means any new birds entering the project are isolated before being allowed near other birds. This protects existing birds from disease and is required by some countries for import. We have several specially constructed veterinarian approved and monitored isolation chambers where birds can be isolated before export as required by some countries such as Europe, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico and Peru to name a few. We have never experienced any mosquito transmitted diseases in our project.