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Birds for Sale

It is near the end of February 2017 and we already have some pairs copulating with eggs soon to follow.   We expect a banner year of production for our Gyrfalcons, Peregrines,  Gyr x Peregrines and Aplomado Falcons.   Currently we expect to produce 40-50 grey, silver, black and white Gyrfalcons,  15-20 Peale’s and Anatum Peregrines,  10-15 Gyr x Peregrines and 10-15 Aplomados.   

We will post falcons for sale here,  on and in our emails to customers as the season progresses.  

We are CITES registered as well as European Permitted to export falcons to most other countries.   Contact Brad by email at or via his  mobile and whatsapp 360-701-9945.